Monday, April 1, 2013

Artist Talk

Natalia Gonzalez 
Natalia Gonzalez is a Bolivian artist currently working in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and Pittsburgh, PA, two extremely different places. She has a licentiate in Fine Arts, a MFA in studio art, and a Certificate in the College Teaching of Art. Her interests are focused on time and space because they are a complex continuum that are interdisciplinary. She says that events exist at a particular time in space, which I believe she tries to capture in her works. Her take on art is not of the traditional type, but instead it can be classified as raw and new because she lets chance and interruptions, boundaries and delimiting, placement and temporality, and improvisational comprise her pieces.
 I found Natalia's works to be refreshing and interesting because they aren't the epitome of what you would think "art" would be, but she makes them pieces of art by allowing the time and space of the surroundings work in harmony. She uses mirrors, video cameras, screens and other everyday objects to create her pieces, which gives it a natural and raw effect. I like how she talked about chance and interruptions because in my opinion, a work of art is really created by chance or by interruption. It just happens. Too much planning can make the piece seem to rigid or boring. So, her commenting on those ideas exemplifies that she allows for them to happen and make her art even better. Even though her art isn't traditional, I still think it deserves its gratification because Gonzalez eliminates physical boundaries and lets time and space work naturally together to make an outstanding and interesting work of art.

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