Friday, April 12, 2013

Artist Post

Chris Spooner 
Chris Spooner, born and raised in Sheffield, UK, is a graphic and web designer who got his passion for art by building robots out of cardboard boxes. He chose subjects like Art and Design as his main focus throughout his education and eventually began working in the field as a graphic and web designer. He has created Spoon Graphics, one the most creative web design portfolios out there, and also has two blogs: Blog.SpoonGraphics, which gave him his fame, and Line25, where he continues his documentations of all of his designs. 
Despite his education in Art and Design, most of his works are now based on self-teaching and experimentation. He uses what he learns to write very helpful and creative tutorials on his blogs, which are the majority of his work right now. Spooner's tutorials have become very popular and has created a high demand for more work from him, keeping him very busy. His pieces are very colorful and energetic  which I believe makes him so popular with young designers. 

I find Spooner's works to be very captivating and well designed  He puts a lot of time into making every piece just right and I admire him for that. He says that he will have days where he is feeling really creative and get so much done, and other days where he will get nothing done. In a way, I feel like we have that in common because I know I will put off a project when I can't think of anything creative to do but then I'll have a spurt of inspiration and get a lot done. Overall, I like Spooner's designs and concepts because they are very lively and eye-catching. He has a very quirky and lively personality which can be seen in his pieces and makes them unique and awesome. 

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