Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Photoshop Editing


To make this photo better, I used brightness/contrast, levels, curves, exposure, vibrance and hue/saturation. I had to get rid of a lot of the red in the photo and make it brighter so you could actually see the other colors that are in it.

Monday, January 28, 2013

24-Hour Technology Log

I had to work the volleyball tournament from 7:30 to 1, so my  use of technology probably wasn't as high as usual.

6:50- Woke up to alarm.
7:04- Checked the time.
7:25- Checked time again. Need to start heading over to gym.
7:47- Checked time yet again. It is going to be a long day.
8:23-8:47- Texting.
8:49- Got on Facebook and played some Jewel Mania.
8:54- New text.
9:00- Watched a video on YouTube and browsed on Tumblr.
9:10-10:10- Texting
10:12- Downloaded Bejeweled and played some because working the concession stand at this tournament can be boring.
10:47- New Text.
10:50- Started to prep the hot dogs on the hot dog maker.
12:00- Had to go all the way over to the bookstore to get change from the cash register for the concession stand.
12:15- Called mom...she didn't answer me :(
12:20-12:30- Microwaved some pretzels for customers.
12:41- Checked Facebook.
1:09- New Text.
1:20- Mom called back as I walked back to my room to take a nap after working my shift.
3:31- Woke up from my nap because my friend called me.
4:08- Checked email and blackboard on my computer.
5:00- Swiped OneCard to get dinner at the Great Room.
5:10- New Text.
6:12- Worked on computer. Finished collage!
7:20- Called my friend from home.
7:40- Worked on my computer.
8:43- Called my friend again.
10:01- Checked Facebook.
10:02-10:10- Texted my mom.
10:14- Set alarm for tomorrow.
10:20- Played Bejeweled.
8:00 a.m.- Woke up to alarm.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Scan Art

Experimental Scans 

 Balloon Weight

Mardi Gras Beads

Biology Book 

Crazy Earrings 



Moving Elephant

Flower Lights

Moving Biology Book

Peacock Feather

Purse Pattern



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Artist: Carl Fudge

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 

"They're Everywhere"

Carl Fudge is an artist that uses traditional printmaking techniques mixed with digital technology to create a kaleidoscope effect out of geometric shapes and planes of vibrant colors. He is widely educated, having attended three institutions, and shows his artwork all around the U.S. and internationally. Fudge has also taught at Columbia University, the Tyler School of Art, and the Rhode Island School of Design. In his pieces, he uses a range of materials such as Japanese woodcuts and digitized images making them abstract and barely unnoticeable from the original pieces.   

"Tattooed Blue"

Fudge's works have abstract clashing of shapes but a unity of color and balance that help give it a aesthetically pleasing quality. There is a mixture of hard-edge painting and digital manipulation in Fudge's pieces, and I find that those characteristics help exemplify the frenzied and wild patterns that he creates from just lines and colors. The images are often unrecognizable but the viewer can still observe perceptible objects. In "They're Everywhere" it shows a toy robot reaching to the edge of the print, and in "Tattooed Blue" the viewer can discern a woman crying and crouching with her hair falling around her body. Although the pieces may be difficult to make out, Fudge successfully captures and stimulates the viewers' minds because the crazy patterns make its visually perplexing but interesting. 

I enjoy and appreciate Carl Fudge's work because I find them to be very unique. The abstractness of his works tell a story and make it easy for the viewer to get lost in the dazzling patterns of lines and colors. I believe that Fudge's pieces are incredible and he successfully uses art with a digital medium because they are visually pleasing in every aspect. To some the patterns might be too hectic, but I think he does a wonderful job of using the whole canvas to balance out the complexity and beauty of the work as a whole. Overall, I think Fudge creates masterpieces by using raw material and turning them into digitized, abstract images because he allows for a conceptual story to be told. This goes to show that creative expression can be made with any medium or tools and it emphasizes that digital art has come a long way.